Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Equipment Specialist

Have you ever wondered what goes into a visual inspection? Why is it important? How do you properly maintain the valve on your scuba cylinder? What happens to my tank when they want to tumble the tank? How do you maintain a B.C.? Is it really important that I send my regulator in for service? What can I do to ensure my scuba toys are working properly? Should I do more to my suit than just rinsing it off? How do they clean my tanks to nitrox clean? What does it mean to be nitrox clean? or cleaned for oxygen?
We are going to answer these questions and many more in this equipment maintenance and repair seminar. At the end of the day you will have valuable knowledge regarding your equipment and you will receive a PADI Specialty Equipment Specialist certification. You will need to bring to class your diving suit, buoyancy compensator or harness, regulator (s), and tanks (pony bottles are ok, but you are limited to only two cylinders). We will complete a visual inspection on your cylinders. Those that pass will be refilled. Those that need additional attention will be returned to you with a recommendation for service. So, come to class with two cylinders that are empty or with no greater than 500 psi. We will drain the bottles, (there is a right way and a wrong way to drain them), visually inspect the cylinders, maintain the valves and refill the cylinders. Also, we will be breaking down a regulator displaying the obvious needs and value of an annual service. You will receive hands on practical applications of field tuning and adjusting the intermediate pressure of a first stage regular.
If this class sounds like something you are interested in give me a call. Class sizes are small and personal so you will be able to learn and have fun! 206.396.9221

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