Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Technical Dive Truk Lagoon

Wrecks, Wrecks, and More Wrecks!

Recreational Diving

Technical Diving

Diving Truk Lagoon is often considered to be a diving opportunity of a lifetime. This is true. It is a fascinating place to visit, steeped in culture, scarred by conflict, and most assuredly remote and isolated.

Terry & Donna Miller have put together a technical dive trip to Truk Lagoon and you are invited to come along. We have only 12 spaces for this trip so signing up early will be an advantage. You can travel for the diving or travel for the training. Better yet do a little of both and travel for the diving, training, and fellowship.

We are offering two options for this adventure. Option 1 is as technical diver. You can continue your dive education in Chuuk. The water will be warm, clear, blue, and no there will be no sand. You can complete your technical diving in the warm clear water of Truk Lagoon, diving some of the world's famous ship wrecks. Can you think of a better place to do mask drills, gas shut-down drills, SMB drills, neutral buoyancy drills, and out of air drills? Now I have to admit that Truk Lagoon may not be the most fun place to take a written exam...but it will be warm and the sunsets are just off the scale. So bring your calculator, manual, and pencil, with an eraser. Starting your technical diving education in Seattle is fun and exciting, finishing your training in Truk completing dives 7-12 in Chuuk is just plain cool. You can train with Donna or Terry on some of the most interesting wrecks in the world.

Option 2 says that you have come to Truk Lagoon to technical dive, enjoy friends, dive, take in the beauty of the islands, dive, enjoy great food, dive, have a beverage of choice, sleep and dive. The pool is open and your diving is entirely up to you.

Included in the $2,945 cost of this trip is your diving, all of your air, meals, drinks, 02 and sleeping accommodations. We are not arranging for airfare as many people have indicated that while in the South Pacific they may want to extend their vaction. Some say they may want to stop off in Guam or Hawaii on their way home, and yet others have air miles they want to use to maybe get a better seat on the plane. Ken likes to ride up front with the we will meet in you Truk Lagoon.

For this trip you may want to budget for treasures. Realistically there are not a lot of places to shop in Chuuk, but you can buy a T-shirt, a really cool book about Truk Lagoon, and some jewelry.

What to bring...your technical dive gear, lights, cameras, some clothes (but they are really overrated and you spend a lot of time in shorts or wet suits) a tropical wet suit 3.5 mm is recommended and a long suit is highly recommended as there as some sharp corners on these wrecks and a few jelly fish...well more than a few. Bring a save a dive kit inclusive with tools; once on the boat dive repairs are left to the divers and the crew, and the crew is not a well stocked dive center. The Blue Lagoon Dive Shop is a long ways away.

Interested in diving Truk Lagoon? A $1,000 non-refundable deposit holds your space. We anticipate this trip to fill up quickly as it is advertised throughout the diving community world wide. So secure your space and let the wreck diving adventure begin.

Questions on expectations? Give us a call at 206.396.9221

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