Thursday, December 10, 2009

DSAT Technical Diving Program

You have been thinking about technical diving for some time now. But you have questions. I think everyone that explores this type of diving and training does. I know I did when I first started down the road to certification as a technical diver.
For some the enrollment in a technical diving program is a natural progression. They have finished the prerequisites and they are looking to expand their knowledge and diving skill set. Others look at technical diving as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. To go where very few have been before. After all this is an elite group of divers that are exploring depths well beyond traditional recreational diving limits and to some that has an attraction. Regardless of your motivation you more than likely have questions and you most definitely need a comprehensive training program.
You undoubtedly have asked yourself a series of questions similar to these: Is technical diving for me? How much will the equipment cost? What can I do as a technical diver that I couldn't do as a recreational diver? What are the risks? What are the gains? How often will I use my technical diving skills? Where do I dive? What will I learn? Once I have completed my technical training what is next? Trimix? Gas Blending? Trimix Gas Blending? Expeditions? Travel? How do I technical dive in and around shipwrecks? And the list goes on and on. But these are great questions and a very good start.
Probably one of the least expensive ways to answer most of these questions is to buy your instructor a cup of coffee and ask. Plan on at least an hour as the questions will not be answered with a one word responses and your first question will no doubt stimulate additional questions. I would encourage you to write your questions down, that way you won't forget vital topics, and take notes on the responses these notes will help you refresh your memory and help you make your decision on this program.
An addition resource is the DSAT Tec Deep manual. I would recommend that if you are thinking about this course of instruction you purchase the manual and read about the philosophy of the course, course performance requirements, course structure, and equipment requirements. This will be helpful in answering questions you may have about the training process.
And if you want a candid up front discussion on the DSAT Tec Deep Diver program call me at 206.396.9221 or drop me a note at Align Center
We believe in is the key to survival. Not interested? No worries, technical diving is not for everyone!

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